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Kanyao – Long Stalk (ทุเรียนก้านยาว)

Kanyao – Long Stalk (ทุเรียนก้านยาว)


Kan Yao“, “Gaan Yaow” or “Kan Yau” means long stalk in Thai. The fruit is characterized by a long, thick peduncle of 10-14cm. The fruit is lychee-shaped, greyish-brown, rough with a moderately thick rind bearing short, sharp, straight, moderately dense spines. There are 3-4 large, thick arils per locule. The pulp is golden-yellow, smooth, creamy, sweet with a pleasant aroma. This cultivar has little fruit physiological disorder, low flesh fibre and good fruit setting characteristics. Each fruit weighs 2 – 4.5kg. The inferior fruit characters include the large seed and the high number of seeds/fruit, high incidence of wet core, branch dieback, low phytophthora resistance and poor processing properties.

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